Technical Hardwiring a PDA sat. nav.

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Technical Hardwiring a PDA sat. nav.


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Mar 27, 2003
Milton Keynes
Having removed the Connect Nav +, I'm getting fed up with the trailing power cable from my PDA sat. nav. on the dash to the cigarette lighter socket.

My intention is to drill a hole in the stereo fascia panel, and run the cable in there.

Is it appropriate to simply attach wires to the charger terminals (where it would plug in to the cigarette lighter) and connect them via a 2A fuse to permanent 12V on the stereo ISO connector? Or is there a better place to obtain power from?

Any advice greatly appreciated.
How comes you removed the Connect Nav+?

I think we at halfrauds hardwire our Sat Nav PDA's by taking the feed from the cigarette lighter circuit, and yes, putting in an in-line fuse. I can ask the guys at work and check it out properly if you want . . .
I got rid of connect nav+ because I got fed up of the reset problem.
Replaced it with an MP3 hard disk player and an a PDA. Both are far superior to connect nav+

The only downside is my flashing clock ;-)

Anyone know if the cigarette lighter wiring is easily accessible, or do I have to rip off half the fascia to get to it. I never use the cigarette lighter for anything else so if the wiring is loose I could just remove the socket and place it out of sight behind the glove box and leave the PDA charger plugged into it.

I would appreciate it if you could check exactly what they do at helfrauds.

i have a similiar setup to you, with pda, radar detector and phone charger running off the one cig lighter. to hide all the wires i bought a 3 way extension cig light adapter and hid this under the steering wheel area behind the fuse box cover and ran all the wires down the right hand side of the dash to it. i only have 1 wire to the cig lighter which i have hidden under the platic bits by the footwell