Technical Hardwiring GPS unit

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Technical Hardwiring GPS unit


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Mar 17, 2004
Brighton, United Kingdom.
Hi there,

I have a Geodesy GPS unit that I want to hardwire in (the power point is in the wrong place to use the jack).

Has anyone done this or something similar? I was thinking where the foglight controls were would be easiest - I only need power and ground and it draws very little current.

How much power do they draw ?.

You could always buy an ISO (radio connection) extension lead from halfords etc, then splice of this to power your gps. You could put another power connector in your glove box. At least doing it this way you are not interfering with any of the cars origanal wiring.
Splicing into a circuit not designed for something else is always highway to disaster, and with Italian electrics that seems to fail at the slightest provication then your probably asking for trouble even more so!

If you really need another lighter socket then get a genuine auto-sparkie to wire up one for you, that said regardless you'll probably invalidate your warranty!

Get one of those lighter socket extension thingies, i got one, its a bit mince but at least you get the reach you need. Believe it or not i got mine for a speed camera detector! That will go down well on here! ;)


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Scotchlox enable you to splice into a cable without cutting it.
Locate the wire at the back of the cigar lighter socket.
Centre is Live
shell is negative.

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Yes my GPS unit is for speed cameras.

It draws very little current (about 400 milliamps if I remember correctly) and I've successfully scotchlocked the detector cradle on my motorcycle.

I hate wires hanging around and as sbaddison said the wire gets in the way of the gear stick (and handbrake). I see the fuse box is also located near the switches, maybe I'll try and splice it in there.

As for Italian electrics - I thought Fiat sourced all theres from Japan now??

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