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Technical Gt3 supplement


Nov 6, 2017
Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any diagrams/exploded diagrams of the gt3 engine. I can’t find much information at all about the 1372cc engine, I know it’s almost the same as the mk2 uno turbo engine but even that service manual isn’t too helpful to identify parts. Thanks 😊
What information do you wish to know ?
Good question! Well there’s a few differences from what I can tell between phase 1, 2 and 3 engines, and it would be good to know the differences, for example I’m not sure if the gt3 engine has the iac valve that sits on the rocker cover. I am picking up a full engine loom tomorrow and it would be good to have an idea of which sensor goes where, also hoses, I have most of them I think and I suppose most of them I can just buy hoses off the shelf but knowing how everything is connected up would be good. I’m sure as I put the engine together things will work themselves out but all the parts are sitting there and it’s a bit of a learning curve!
It’s eventually going into an x19, hope that’s not too sacrilegious here 😂 so down the line engine mount differences, gearbox selection being in a different place and the ecu immobiliser may be an issue. Is there an easy way around the immobiliser on the get ecu. I haven’t worked on a turbo engine before so parts aren’t instantly recognisable yet :)
I’m also not too sure about the intake/induction hoses and the lay out
I’ve found quite a useful pdf with diagrams, now to translate if from Italian 🤓