General Grande Punto 1.4 Dynamic. My test drive.

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General Grande Punto 1.4 Dynamic. My test drive.

Aug 2, 2004
Northern Ireland
Iv'e just been driving a 1.4 3 door for the last 2 days. It only had 18 miles on it when I lifted it from Mervyn Stewarts yesterday so is still very tight but I have to say I fell in love. It really feels so solid to drive and corners pretty flat. It hangs on on a bend very well in the wet. I found it no problem to find a comfortable driving position as the seat has up and down movements as well as front rear and the steering wheel having up/down and in/out adjustment. One - point was the left foot rest, I thought it was a little close to me.
As for toys as standard, the list is excellent. Electric power steering with girlie button, Aircon, CD/radio, steering wheel controls, voice activation (yes voice activation) for some of the functions which I never got to play to much with, A lovely lady voice assists you, a computer in the dash with loads of different functions. I could go on but I'd run out of page.
There's a huge amount of space in the rear for passengers. The boot looks small but it can swallow up quiet a lot because it's deep, oh and a childs buggy fit in flat to.
it is a very well built car and for some reason the one car I keep thinking of when I get into it is a VW golf. It feels that solid. Whats the Sporting going to be like I wonder.
Time to que up at your local dealer I think. [:cool:]
I had a look at it on Tuesday night. It really is a lovely motor. They've got a winner on their hands, no question. Here are some photos:


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