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Oct 13, 2006
Livingston, Scotland
Most people come on this Forum if they have problems or gripes about their Stilos. Well I just want to say that I have now had my 52 plate, 1.6 5 door Dynamic for 3 years now and it has been one of the most rewarding cars I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot of cars in my time. Sure, I have had a few problems in the 3 years, mainly failed starter motor, air-con hose and electric window mechanism, but the car starts first time every time, still looks great, ie, paintwork as good as new, is very versatile for carrying large loads, can carry 5 people comfortably, has great safety features, has relatively good performance for a 1.6. So to summarise, I think Fiat got it right with the Stilo, if they had just put in that little bit more effort in general reliability and 'sold' the car more aggressively then I do belive that the Stilo could have been one of their best sellers in recent years.
Now away to find large lump of wood to touch!:(y)
I think you only get people on here most of the time when they have a problem and cant solve the problem due to one thing or another ..its refreshing to see there are still people who can take the time to praise the car ..(y)
I bought my Stilo knowing that it might have a few problems, because after all most Fiats do.

Since i have had it it has been back to the garage 3 times in four months to have various parts replaced or fixed (loose gear stick, body computer - 2 visits).

But now that all the problems are fixed i hope it serves me well, and at least i know my car has got a soul (so to speak :D ).

Inside the car seems to be built extremely well, and unlike my other car non of the trim is rattling or becoming loose.

I dont know why the Stilo gets slated so badly in the press as i have so far found it to be the most enjoyable car to own (y) .
Before I bought my Stilo my attitude was 'I buy a car, I expect it to work 99.9% of the time'. Thats obviously the wrong attitude, but so far I've barely had a problem. The only warning light I get is so intermittent it's not een worth talking about, plus the fact that it flashes up so quickly you can't even read what it is. I love my car to bits. Sooner or later something will go horribly wrong, and I'm waiting for it. As long as it's something I can fix myself I'm not bothered. I enjoy working on my car, as I said in a post before, I love taking stuff to bits and my car is no exception. I'm an enthusiast, and the Stilo is definately an enthusiasts car. I wouldn't say the Stilo is unreliable, more that it was inconsistent in the manufacturing process. If it was unreliable, then EVERYONE would have problems.

So, Stilo (y)
GM/Jap/German humdrum: (n)
It's about managing expectations. I said to a former boss who drove BMW's that having a breakdown isn't a major problem because you expect it to happen. Everyday it doesn't happen is a bonus. On the other hand, him being a Beemer driver expected his car to work perfectly everyday so on the day it doesn't - it will fail one day -it will be an absolute catastrophe.

My expectations are not too high so the car more than satisfies.
I've never regretted buy a Stilo; now I'm wondering why on Earth I'm selling it... Oh ye, I remember, I've got to a pay for the Coupe :D
i must admit i had my doubts about buying an abarth heard a few bad stories problems etc but i must say ive had the car 6 months and all is well the only problem i found was a leaking water pump when i was changing the timing belt.i recently completed a trip to ayr wks holiday 1100 miles of comfortable faultless driving