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General Good bye stilo

:cry: Another loss to the Sitlo family.

Well at least you got another Fiat :D

I have 3 young kids and I find the compromise OK, I do have two other kids over 16 so it's a bit of a squeeze when they all need a lift though :D
Did you trade it in ? , May I ask how much you got as I may be looking for a abarth in a few months and may want to trade mine in.
Bo~Select@ said:
Did you trade it in ? , May I ask how much you got as I may be looking for a abarth in a few months and may want to trade mine in.

yea, ditto...i wouldn't mind getting rid of the 1.6 for either an abarth or a JTD active aircon or something.
Got £3600 for my 38,000 mile 02 plate 1.6 against a 54 6000 mile Abarth at £8200 if thats any help to you. Poor I know but £300 more than book price!

I need to update the RIP list :chin:

What Multipla you get? A JTD one, prime for a nice remap :slayer:
I checked out a trade in value of my 2003 1.9jtd 3dr dynamic Stilo with 38k and the garage offered me a poopy sum of £5350, against a 3dr nissan jeep. Needless to say I said "No Way Pal!" Say, does anyone who has a 3drStilo know about the rubber bushes on the rear axle, where it joins the chassis, if they can get replaced solely, or if the whole axle needs to be replaced?? We took her over the pit to change the rear shocks and while the usual inspection was taking place, I noticed the drivers side bush was not the same (seemed to have a rubber bit missing??) The car has been giving a slight lurch to the side, especially when driving over a bump or manhole cover with the passengers side wheels?? Any ideas? I thought it was the shocks, but having only changed the rear shocks and not all four, the handling is still not the same as it was. The car was lowered on standard shocks, not ideal I know, but no probs initially. Only a year later I get the twitchies and wobbles. Shocks and/or faulty bushes??. When the rubber bushes had done on the Punto we used to have, it was the whole trailing arm we needed. I find it hard Fiat would have me buy a whole new axle for a simple rubber bush? Oh and does anyone know how to reset the service counter? unfortunately I am not on good terms with my local Fiat, (reasons I wish to forget), so I am pretty much going it alone.


I got 3500 trade and it had done 30K. The stilo needed some work doing on it(the warn. company would not pay out for the work, etc, LONG STORY.). it needed some spray work doing, a new fuel cap cover and there was air bag and engine work needing doing to it(about 800-900 pounds). The multi is a jtd and it had done 49K and is in mint condition, had to pay 3400 on top of my trade in so was not a bad deal over all, as its got 12months mot and 3months warn. so can not complain :D. If anyone is looking for a FAMILY car i would recomend it
Good on you for staying with Fiat. Not a fan of the Multipla myself but I can see how they make real sense to people with large families!