Barchetta Glove box conversion

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Barchetta Glove box conversion

Mmm, tempting. Does anyone know what size of resistor is needed? Presumably its needed to fool the ECU.
Without going out in the dark to my garage to read it ,does anyone know the

recommended airbag life ?

SAAB used to say 10 years but as the cars got older I don't know of anyone

who has ever replaced an airbag on date.

I assume Mine are both 20+ years old ,won't know how they're going to perform unless the worst happens.

If anything bigger than a Corsa/Fiesta/MINI hits me hard, probably going to die anyway.(n)
Dave I will supply a resistor. Done this conversation on my car, and bought a resistor off eBay. When I did this conversion I posted on here stating my intention, and many said that it was not a good idea, insurance, putting a resistor in , safety . Were some of the reasons why folks thought that it was a bad idea.but I went ahead as my airbag according to the info on my sunvisor said they were well past the sell buy date.
The item on eBay is from another car and I believe is an original fitment, but guess what the lead for the passenger airbag is in place fitted with a resistor, but also it has a fixing located under the dashboard. I will fit this resistor to my car, so the resistor I will supply will be the eBay one.
The conversion for me was well worth doing, extra place to put the sunglasses and other odd items in.
Regards Dave M