Fiat Grande Punto - Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box - Common Rail

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Fiat Grande Punto - Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box - Common Rail


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Mar 11, 2017

Diesel Power + Fiat 1.9 Multijet Performance Chip
150 BHP Quick Fit Performance chip Used.

I sold my Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 MultiJet 2007 which this device was bought for. I part exchanged the Fiat with a dealer so removed it.

1x Wiring loom
1x CR-2 BHP PLUS Performance Module with 9 presets
1x Remote control. Turns device ON/OFF (reversed see below).
1x Instructions. Bit worse for wear but still readable

Very simple fitting, plug and play, just remove the engine cover (disconnect battery first). Just insert the extended loom with module between the original loom and the connector on the back of the engine. Device has a selector for 10 presets, 0-9. I found setting dial to 5 gave good compromise of power and fuel economy. Ran much nicer than standard. All settings seem to run better than standard.
Setting dial to 9 made the little Fiat pull like a train, reduced turbo lag, and improved response, quite a noticeable difference. Even on 9 you easily get high 50s mpg on a long run. I also was using a performance BMC Panel air filter too. I am sure it improved MPG but never bothered to work it out. Never made it any worse.
Only added £40 to my insurance. I do have fulll NCB and have been driving since late 1980s. I used Adrian Flux at the time.

The remote control works but ON and OFF buttons are reversed. I did contact BHP PLUS and the have sent me instructions on how to fix it, which I will forward to the buyer. Never bothered as it was 99.9% time turned on. Only turned off in the snow and for MOTs. It passed anyway on setting 9 when I forgot to turn it off once.

See web link. The link is for a slightly newer version and is quite a bit cheaper than when I bought it :(. Cost me over £300 but well worth it. Grande Punto 1.9 JTD 130 BHP CR-2&plug=CR-2
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