Cinquecento Admission of Insurance Fraud

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Cinquecento Admission of Insurance Fraud

If the car is insured as per the log book...1.1, and has any other size engine fitted, then if the car has an accident, the insurance are quite within their rights to refuse to payout. If you do not notify them of any changes then any insurance will be null and void in case of an the small print.
Mine is insured thru a special motor sport insurer who just insure it as a modified car. I can do anything and change anything as long as it's road legal it's insured
Not sure what vosa would say about not changing logbook but I can't see it making a difference really.

Don't even think my logbook has a engine number on it.
I agree with craig with this one.. mine too is insured as a 1.2 16v with all mods declaired and still a 1.1 on the logbook... the insurers know about every mod even down to the abarth logo floor mats..

i too dont have an engine number logged on my logbook and to be fair the block itself doesnt have a number thats readable even with the engine out
With the wrong engine declared to the insurance or not the M.O.T is invalid.

So declare to insurance. Kudos you won't get an IN10, six points and up to £5,000 fine if your car isn't towed and impounded at £345 lift and £40 per day storage on top of the fine and points.

Driving without a valid M.O.T, £1,000 fine, the car could also be recovered, towed and stored as above. The M.O.T center will be audited by VOSA to see how many other invalid M.O.T's have been issued at that site. The last time I knew about that happening was a little place in Spalding that had to close and the owner declare bankruptcy due to the size of the fines and penalties VOSA issued them.
Would you buy a car from someone who openly admits criminal activity where the car is concerned?

Okay the listing doesn't say...

Muppet said:
The car was used in a bank job last week.

...but it doesn't fill you with confidence does it?

Also as a P.S to my last post. I've checked with my insurer and if the car has an invalid M.O.T it will not be covered unless I am driving to a pre-booked test.

So if you pay extra for a "Modified vehicle" policy but haven't declared the engine/capacity swap to the DVLA invalidating the M.O.T you are also not insured. So add all the IN10 stuff to the £1,000 fine for driving without an M.O.T as well.
i bought a cinq from this chap last week i suppose if he has stated in the listing that it has an alternative engine then he is not liable the new owner is ?

the blue abarth i bought was turbo'd on the weekend :p running 10psi without issues on stock 1.1 engine just shows how tough they are boost reference came of so basically full boost detonated like a b#@$ard. :slayer:
It's a complete mk2 punto swap. In other words it clearly has running issues due to the hybrid swap.

Probably a stash of wires loose behind the dashboard.

This type of swap can be done properly, but you need to remove everything to do with the original cinq/sei loom and install as if it was going into a punto.