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Nov 4, 2003
okay well you found your way here so not doing too badly ;)


1st of all the forum is here for help and fun :D post a hello in the newbie section and have a look around.check the events section for meets and look on the members map for members local to you but we are a global forum so don't worry about not being 'local'

if you want a quick look around at what people are posting/replying to then use the new posts feature
new posts.JPG

right then so finding your way around the forums various sections.
up top there are links to various sections of the forums.
looking to buy/sell something? head to the classifieds
want to buy fiatforum mechandise including stickers? head to the shop
looking for online stores or useful links?got a link for us?
looking for general info on what to do or look out for on a cento? FAQ's
looking for guides on working on your cento or want to contribute with a guide for others?
looking for fiat pictures or want to upload some onto the site?
theres more sections but you get the idea.all sections are open except our members only discount section for donated members :)

however if you find the site useful you can donate to the forum here
you then have increased gallery space,a custom title under your avatar ,access to the donaters section :chin: and a cool trophy

okay so want a cool signature ,change your custom title or upload an avatar?
head to your user CP
nothing to technical in here but take note of the size restrictions on signatures and avatar pictures

right uploading pictures into the forum gallery

click on the gallery icon i showed you earlier.
then click on 'upload photos'
now you get a page showing your disc usage/allowance
gallery upload.jpg
here you can choose the picture to upload,create albums etc
nothing too complicated
now once uploaded(and for any pics in gallery) you will see the page below
pic uploaded.jpg
the part i have circled in red is the part you need to copy if you want to post that image in a post.

so while we are talking about posting ,how do you do you post a new thread?
1st thing is find the section you want to post in. im sure you can manage that if you found this :)
however if your stuck start at and you will see the forum main page
forum .jpg
so you can scroll to where you post needs to go,here ive selected the cento section as an example.
you can just click on the main cinquecento/seicento part(circled red) and follow the instructions below.
or if its a specific question for example a styling question then you can click on cento styling as marked in the image as no 1

so click on the new topic
new post.jpg
then you are on this page
new thread box.jpg
here you can just type in your post(dont forget title!) and then hit submit thread (if you want to see how it looks 1st then hit preview post but remember to hit submit after or it wont get posted)

okay so lets say you want to add a bit more to the post like images,attachments etc
if you want to post a FF gallery image then use the link i showed above in the gallery section.
if the image is hosted off fiatforum then right click on the image
select copy image address
now click on this icon
and box will pop up
attach picture.jpg
paste the image address in here and click okay. your image will be in your post.
now a great feature that saves uploading separately is the attachments feature,so click on this icon
and you will get this
attachments 1.jpg
so click on choose and get this screen
browse to the image/file you want and select it
once you have all the files you want selected then select upload.
you will see this once uploaded
now you can close the window.
so the image is attached but where do you want it?
click on the post where you want to put the image then click
and see this
manage attachments.jpg
then click on the image name and its attached! easy
(you will also see different fonts,colours etc options in top of the text box)
once done ,click on submit thread.

posting a reply to a thread is almost the same.
when you want to post a reply you have a few options

above ive marked 4 items
  1. is the reply button,this takes you to a reply box like the new thread box
  2. is the quote button if you want to quote somebody in your reply
  3. is the multiquote,click these on any posts you want to quote.then hit quote
  4. this is quick reply,click here and type a quick reply in the box below

alright all easy peasy

now using search,faqs,guides etc

right nearly all your cento questions will have been asked before.we have created the faq's and guides to address some of these.
if what you need isnt there then do a search.
if you are searching just one forum section then the easiest way to search is here
Search 1edit.jpg
for general forum searches use this
search 2edit.jpg
if you need to a more accurate search then use the advanced search tab
search 2edit2.jpg
to bring up this page
advanced search.jpg
here you can search by username,date and more.

if nothing shows here then its time to post that query :)

contacting forum members,there are various ways of doing this
if you click on a members name as above you see various links in this drop down menu.
as you see if gives a link to private message,email,visit homepages etc.if set in their user CP.
also you can see a
image allowing you to add them to MSN,some other IRC programs are supported too.

if you know a username you can private message then direct by going into your private messages
private messages.jpg
and putting their name as the addressee

okay so how about a bit of a time out from cars

well we have the leisure lounge for all the non car stuff
and if you want to kill a bit of time head up to the arcade for loads of games to play

okay so what if you have a problem on the forum?need help,not happy with a post,problems with a member?well we have rules on the forum and an infraction system

so if you see a post you feel infringes these or for any other reason such as wrong section,double post use the
if you want to contact a moderator directly then you can PM them
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