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Jul 21, 2005
East London
Hi Guys, I used to post on here a while ago, owned a red Sei.

Times have changed and I'm looking into the possibility of buying a Stilo. I know I could search... but I quite want information in one place to compare.

Basically anything you can offer me in terms of experiences / servicing / problems / fuel economy / etc etc... I'm eyeing up an Abarth but may go for a diesel. Is it going to cost me more money than it's worth?

For arguments sake take it that I'm buying a 52 plate with 40,000 miles on the clock.

Thanks in advance,

Well I can only offer experiences from a 1.6 point of view,

She's a 52 plate which had 32k on the clock last march and I paid £2995 minus part ex so £2700 in the end.

Got an annual service coming up and ive been quoted £250 by a Fiat garage and £130ish by an independant. Other costs have been a cam belt change at £175 + VAT which wasnt too bad! and a replacement passenger side central locking motor at about £230ish. If your after a 52 plate get one thats had it done (cam belt change), if not just remember the expense of a cam belt change as youll need to do one!

Mpg - commute to work (6mile each way) I get around 36-38 but out on the motorways it creeps up to 44+.

Shes doing well so far, I think so long as you choose a Stilo thats been looked after youll be ok!

Your dilemma is a bit like mine in about a year and a bit im looking to change and the choice is either the diesel or an Abarth. My personal preference is a diesel - lots of power and pull and you get good mpg. But I do love the abarth, if you went for one id try and find a manual - too many bad stories on here regarding 'sillyspeed'!

All in all find a good one and she will repay you with miles and miles of happy driving!

Hope that helps!
From my point of view, you can get good ones and bad ones in terms of niggely faults. A lot which are easily fixed thanks to the lovely people on this forum.

My car (1.8) never put a foot wrong, until the engine blew at 42k!

If i were you, I'd probably go for the 1.9 JTD for good performance but superior MPG - especially with petrol the price it is these days.

Oh, and it has to be a 3 door in broom yellow otherwise it's just not worth it ;o)
If I ever bought another stilo it would be the JTD ..wouldnt touch an abarth with someone elses ten foot pole never mind my own ..JTD all the way (y)
If I ever bought another stilo it would be the JTD ..wouldnt touch an abarth with someone elses ten foot pole never mind my own ..JTD all the way (y)

not starting an argument, merely debate - but curiously, have you ever owned / driven an abarth.........other than the fuel consumption what is / are the gripe(s)?
Ive got the 1.9 JTD 115 Dynamic Stilo (3dr). Its got all the toys i need plus a few more (Air-con, uprated cd player with sub, abarth bodykit, 17" alloys, skyroof, and an armrest - ideal for long motorway journeys :rolleyes:).

Going to and from work (about 10 miles each way), i see an average of around 45-50mpg and get about the same on the motorway. Usually get at least 500 miles to one £45 quid tankful of fuel (i have even seen nearly 650 doing a lot of motorway driving).

The engine is powerful for everyday needs, and really suits that car. As with most diesels its typically slow from cold, and upto about 25/30 mph, but after that it really flies. My only problem with the car is that there is no clutch rest, but i just slide my leg under the pedal or rest it against the centre console.

The boot is large enough for a holiday away. I had to pick my mum and sisters up from the airport, and managed to fit two large suitcases in plus a few small bags.

The front seats are really comfy offering plenty of back support, and adjusts to suit lots of comfort.

One thing i do love about the car is the fact that there isnt many on the road, and when you do see one you get a really warm and fuzzy feeling :D.

The only bad points about the car, as with other cars, is that parts can go wrong. Mine had a few problems a few weeks after i picked it up from the dealer, but these were sorted under the third year warranty by the garage. I would recommend buying your car from a dealer (if you have enough money), as it will come with a warranty and they can perhaps sort any niggling problems that you have.

I would really reccomend this car (y).
The silyspeed seems to be the most popular gripe!

complete hearsay! i have had NO problems whatsoever - like any car, you will get good and bad, dogs and gems.

what most people dont realise is that when its good, its great! i will never have a manual car again - DSG / Selespeed / Tiptronic all the way!

if you drove one, you'd see what i (and other owners) mean.

(FYI a prestigio, as per the sig, is a 5 door abarth in ph2 guise......)
2.4 20v is a great, if you worried about fuel consumption get the diesel

blasts around town I am getting on average 23mpg

on a log motorway journey i saw 33mpg :eek:

you can always get a manual abarth if you worried about selespeed

not had mine serviced yet :eek: I would take it to independant anyway

only thing I dont like is that it bongs for everything, no seat belt, door open , low fuel, etc...
Fantastic information, cheers guys.

I'm tempted to go with the JTD now, my old man recently made the switch from petrol to diesel and doesn't stop going on about it. I live in London so most journeys I do are fully motorway, I think this is where I'd see the benefit. The prospect of being able to do about 10 runs to and from on a tank is awesome!

I had countless problems with my little sei but the prospect of getting so much for the money is quite appealing. And I do like the shape of them.

This is only thoughts at the moment but that's loads to think about, cheers!!

PS, wouldn't be going for the sillyspeed model anyway :)