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Mar 28, 2007
Hi Guys,

On a 02 1.8 Stilo there is a crunch when changing into third or reverse.the delaer wants to chnage the box or 3rd gear synchro to fix and change the clutch aswell, its not good as it should be.

Is there a place in UK (i would preffer close to London) that can do the same job much cheaper then the fiat in Denmark ? i'm thinking 1000+ £

Any recomendations Guys :confused:

P:S: Bigblackstilo thanks for your help!
Are you saying that you are in Denmark and want to come to London to get the work done :confused:
Well i'm comming to UK anyway so why not take the car and get it done.

Italy is a bit far away as i can take a Ferry to UK but italy is 3000+KM :eek:
Well, Ive just had my box out, had a new clutch, slave cylinder (concentric) and also had my gear box stripped, innards checked and re-sealed for £500 mate. so... wasnt sure whether you meant can it be done for less than £1000 or whatever?