Technical Fuse box voodoo.

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Technical Fuse box voodoo.

Dec 3, 2003
The land that time forgot
Old Gerrard (JTD 115/8v) has sat unloved on my driveway since I bought my X.. but after a few months of moss growing on it, I managed to summon up enough enthusiasm to try and get him back on the road.

I decided (for some reason that made sense at the time) to brush out the mouse droppings and nut shells using a pressure washer. Mickey had made his home inside the bonnet liner.. but had obviously used the gearbox as his dining room.

Anyhow, all that went well.. although I did splash the fuse box... (the grey one with the fuses and relays, next to the battery) so after that, the car's brains went a bit schizophrenic and it flashed up electrical system warnings and the odd immobiliser didn't disarm. I'm 100% confident it was me what norksed it up, since the car had started fine before I drowned it, with only a dead tail-lamp bulb reported (which is true).

I removed the fusebox and sprayed the b'Jesus out of it with WD40 and Electrical contact cleaner but every time I rotated it around, some fluid or another would seep out. When I turned on the ignition, I could hear some fizzing or popping noises inside the fuse box and occasionally a bit of steam coming out, so it's short circuiting in there somewhere. I've left it to dry in a warm place and it'll hopefully recover.

But.. if some fluid is lingering in there and as a last resort, can I dismantle the fuse box? It looks like a lot of steel and plastic plates sandwiched together.. that just need to be prised apart.. but is that it? Is there anything that I can break apart from all those tiny pins? How do you do it?

Obviously, if it works okay once it's dried out, I won't touch it.. 🫣

Ralf S.
Mickey had made his home inside the bonnet liner..

Obviously, if it works okay once it's dried out, I won't touch it.. 🫣

Ralf S.

Exactly what happened to mine a couple of years ago when it was left outside too late into the winter, and I was very fortunate that the wiring hadn't been got to. Not sure how much of the fuse box comes apart, but if it's still messing about, maybe another box off of a working example would be an easier solution ?.
I gave the fusebox a blow-over with a foot pump and re-fitted it.

I'm glad to report that it has stopped fizzing, popping and steaming... and the immobiliser check light no longer comes on.

The beast still reports an engine fault.. but I've got the ECUscan so I'll see what it's complaining about, if it doesn't eventually go away all by itself.

Also.. weird one, the dead tail-lamp bulb turned out to be a "fallen off" tail-lamp bulb. It was fine when I parked the car but sometime between being parked and being started, the bulb fell out of its holder and into the lens, which is strange. After I fished it out and re-fitted it, it works again.

Ralf S.