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Technical Fuel Level Gauge


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Nov 2, 2007
My Punto 1.2 8v (2002) will not start. Starter Motor is fine and turns engine but no attempt to fire and start. On the dash the fuel gauge shows empty and fuel reserve light is flashing. Manual says this indicates a fault in the system. I assume it must mean fuel system.

There is fuel in the tank, but I added 5litres to make sure.

Any ideas? Not checked yet for missing fuel or spark, but just thought I'd see if anyone had any clues to what might be wrong?

Any links to electrical diagrams might be useful too.

Sorted but not sure how! Checked fuel pump, disconnect batt for a while, reconnected, and all is well. Annoying cos I don't what the cause is but at least it seems to be OK.
Due to the fact that disconnecting the battery seemed to sort it, sounds like it may have been an ECU hickup, as disconnecting the battery for 10mins or so will reset it. Unless it does it again, i wouldnt worry about it!