Technical Fuel leak on quick-release connector

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Technical Fuel leak on quick-release connector


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Aug 26, 2022

I own a 2001 fiat punto mk2 1.2l 16V (188A5000 engine) for almost 15 years. I've found a lot of answers in these forums over the years for all sorts of troubleshooting and I would like to start by saying thanks to everyone.

Recently I started to smell fuel but I couldn't locate the leak. Today while driving, the odor became even worse to a point I thought I was loosing a lot of fuel.
I decided since I checked everything in previous days, to remove the air filter box and have a look and voila! Fuel is leaking on the fuel supply pipe quick release connector, at a rate of 1 drop per second which is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I was trying to find some info on replacing the quick-release connector or the rubber seals inside it but I found nothing.
Is it replaceable-repairable or should I look into finding a fuel rail? And if it is replaceable, any clue on the part number I have to order?
Part number of the fuel rail assembly is Bosch 0280151073.

The only thing that comes as a perfect replacement in my case is this (first photo) since I don't need injectors, but I prefer to get a new part.

Thank you in advance


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I removed the rubber insulation from the hard plastic pipe on the right side that covers the high pressure line to the quick release connector.
I found a crack on that line but it was very difficult to troubleshoot.
If you try to move the rubber insulation without taking it out, it comes to a point that covers the crack and works ok until you seat it back properly.
I'll attempt to fix it tomorrow since I cannot move the car anymore, and share the results