Technical Fuel Injection System Problem

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Technical Fuel Injection System Problem


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Jan 28, 2006
Just noticed that there is a minor fuel leak on my Punto (75SX, 1994). It is only a slight dripping when the engine is turned on.

I had a look under the car and it is coming out from a part that is attached to the fuel tank - the part is a Weber FI 02/2 (deodourant sized can shape). I'm not mechanical, so you're going to have to bear with me for the next bit! I think this has something to do with returning fuel from the engine - a pipe that runs from the engine goes into the bottom is this part, and it appears to be leaking at the top.

Just wondered if anybody could give me a more specific idea of what this part is, and how much they are to replace?

Also, does anybody know of an honest garage in South West London - I've only been to one London garage before and he turned out to be a complete cowboy! I tend to get servicing done where my folks live in Norfolk - but I don't want to drive 100+ miles with a petrol leak!

Look forward to hearing from someone!