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General Front wiper arms

Jan 16, 2020
Where can I get new front wiper arms (not blades) to replace the ones I have with chewed up splines??
Or can you replace the spline section?
I don't think you can buy new front wiper arms. Best to look in a scrapyard
The used ones will have the same problem with worn splines? I've put a new motor on but there's still slight play/wiggle between the new motors male splines and the old arms female mating splined hole causing the arms to "slap" about when they reach each end of their stroke.
Surely you can buy new arms with nice tight splined holes in to make the wipers smooth again???
Maybe this is what you're after?

Nope. Got that. Need the arms replacing to get rid of the "slop/play" between the new motor male splines and the old arms worn female mating splined holes.
How many different part numbers are involved??

S and D obviously.. (Left and Right)

But a google of the part number should find something..

Although a similar thread ( for a Multipla) showed how tricky this can be
I wouldn't know where to find the part numbers!
I would've thought that if blades were classed as a replaceable consumable then the arms (which get the same battering on the windscreen) would be an easy one click on Google to find 🤔
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