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Styling Front Fog lights


Nov 6, 2005
Tamworth, West Midlands
I want some Fog lights for my car but my bumper doesnt have the holes for fog lights. Would this mean i would have to buy a completly new bumper in order to have fog lights fitted?
If you want your brava to look proper, then the bumper and fogs are the way to go, but you can just buy some mini fogs that can fit onto the inner receeding parts of the standard bumper. I believe the cabling is already there and all you need do is fit a switch in the cabin
As Scorg says you have a couple of options. Either upgrade your bumper to an HLX/ ELX (not Marea or HGT as they are different) with fogs fitted (mine was £95 second hand including fogs and delivery), or fit your own - one or two people have used the recesses in the bumper to hold them. If you go the bumper route, then the front end of the wiring plugs right in, the cabin end is a little more confusing. Someone said they thought a new dash panel from a mk1 would fit a mk1 but not mk2 and vice versa but when I enquired further, I got ignored. So all I know is I have a dash panel with switch for fogs to fit in the car and the plug doesn't fit :bang: I'll be getting my wiring sorted next month so I'll let you know then (y)
Helz, keep us informed over the switch and the wiring. Since Im wanting to follow the route you went . Looks much better that way. and if that switch will work, then sweet!

When I got my Brava I did come across an SX JTD that had the fogs and uprated interier in it. Chances of that ones panel fitting and working on our SX's ?
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I don't know to be honest. I have a mk2 and bought a dash panel with front fogs but the plug didn't fit. Someone on here said it was a mk1/ 2 thing and if you have a mk2 then the dash panel should fit right in. Think I will have a hunt for a mk2 one and see if they're any different (y)
Ok, i will clear this up.

The MK1's never came will all the wiring for the front foglights, part of the wiring is missing, so you simply cant get a bumper with foglights and plug it in with no hassle. Not true. You need to buy the wiring that links the two foglights to the cars main wiring loom. With that your lights will work BUT then you will need a new switch panel to accomodate for the foglights. You need to be sure that when you buy your switch its the same switch for your car, i.e the plugs on the back are the same. Depending on year of car this can vary. Always best to remove the old one and compare with the one you wanna get. To save embarassment and moaning when it dont fit.

The MK2's however mostly all of them came with all the wiring to the front foglights. So no problem there, fitting a HLX/ELX bumper to your car. Yes the Bravo HLX bumper will also fit. Note: the headlamp washers will not work unless you buy the larger, twin motored water reservoir tank with all the necessary pipework and wiring. Again the switch issue must be addressed. Make sure you check the old switch to the new switch.

I also know its possible to cut the front bumper in the same place as the HLX/ELX cars and fit the foglight covels in there. Instead of being a flush fit, like the ELX/HLX about 2mm will protrude. Which is nothing and hardly noticable. Obviously the hole must be slightly smaller than the cowel so that it doesn't just drop inside the bumper. When its all aligned, drill holes under the bumper for the fitting screws and your done. Approx cost £30 for foglight cowels with foglights. Also cheaper to repaint, you can even do it yourself.

The car below has cowels with the foglights on a SX bumper. He cut the bumper and fitted them. Only pic i have.


At the moment i like both ideas. BUT i dont like the idea of having the headlamp washers with a new bumper isnt appealing. I like them and thinks its a good idea but i have never seen a brava/o with the headlamp washers that i thought looked good and i dont think i can see my brava with the washers either (Im really sad and picky with things like that).

If i were to get my own bumper cut id rather not do it myself. A garage should be able to do the job for me shouldnt they?

Also Helz where did you get your bumper from?
Helz your brava is HOT! :worship:

Yeah....i guess i could live with the washers. i still cant imagine them on mine but still i guess it would make people looking at the car thinks its more expensive that it actually is (Ive found that when people see a car with headlamp washers they always seem to thinks its special and expensive)

ooo parts gateway. They have my email address etc already. I was trying to find some Bravo HGT alloys i saw on this media file i have but they havent found anything for me yet.
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But if i didnt get the same colour and had it sprayed then wouldnt it looks wrong with the rest of the car. As it would be old paint with new paint.
I'm also after upgrading my Bravo to his front fog lights. Priced up a new bumper and lights from fiat and the price was :eek:
Going to keep on looking for a elx/hlx bumper.
Bunny said:
I'm also after upgrading my Bravo to his front fog lights. Priced up a new bumper and lights from fiat and the price was :eek:
Going to keep on looking for a elx/hlx bumper.

I found unpainted primed bumpers with fog light mounts (lights seperate) going for £60 ish on ebay
I'll have to have a look on ebay to see what comes up. I need to work out which will be cheaper, getting a new bumper and lights or a second hand bumper and getting it colour matched to my Bravo.
I got 3 quotes from parts gateway for a used bumper with fog lights.

DA Motors
Total Price: £105.75
Rating: 98%

Salvo Group
Total Price: £111.62
Rating 100%

FL Autos
Total Price: £135.12
Rating: 69%

Oh and i havent got any clue what colour these bumpers are or what mk they are for.
would of been about £90 for the new bumper and seperate new lights on ebay recently as well, but currently they only have the 95-99 bumpers available and do look different.