Front Fog lights not working Fiat Bravo GT 1997

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Front Fog lights not working Fiat Bravo GT 1997



Would appreciate some help with this issue.
1. I removed the fog lights and checked that they both work.
2. Checked all the fuses - was not sure of the correct fuse but checked all I could find under the steering wheel. All fuses, including 20A fuse okay.
3. Pulled out and checked all the relays including those under the steering wheel and those behind the glove box. Checked the operation of each relay.
4. Checked the output from each relay point but could not identify colour of wires apart from a couple of cases, but could not find a "30" terminal which was live only when the lights were on park or on, so could not establish which was the correct relay.
5. Noted on this site that the fuse is under the steering wheel and that the fog light relay is under the glovebox.

Can anyone tell me how to identify the correct fog light relay? Noted a small black 20A relay which I thought would be the correct one adjacent to a large yellow relay (indicators?).

At this stage the relays all look to be working. I note there are 2 wiring junctions, one in front of the battery. The only way i can check these is to trace the wires from the front and unwind the insulation to find the right junction.

Would appreciate any help with this problem.

Many thanks

Tommy K

Could be the switch in the dash mate, there is a Guide how to remove it modding or repair guide (tells you how to take the whole lot out)

See if you have any power to and from the switch... Remember to have the lights on :)