Technical Found my rear clink, shock types?

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Technical Found my rear clink, shock types?


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Feb 4, 2005
While changing my standard suspension over last weekend to some nice Apex kit (subtle 30mm) I found the source of my clinking and knocks.
My rear shocks where different. One was blue and had a plastic outer sheath on like my apex but my driver side rear shock was red and had a metal outer sleeve.
I don't know if it was leaking but the two metal sleeves where rubbing together when the shock occurred sudden movement.
My service history says this red driver side rear shock was the one replaced on my car before I bought it 5000 miles ago; meaning all the blue shocks on my car are, as far as I can tell, originals.
Do later/OEM shocks come with metal outer sleeving as it seems to be a bad design when they knock together.
Cars a dream to drive now by the way, squats a lot better and is nice and quite, ahhhh bliss plus it handles perfectly(y) .
Metal outers are quite common, although the mounting at the top should stop them knocking against the lower part. I think you hae a failed or distorted top on the old damper, but,what the hell, you've changed it anyway.