for all the managers on the forum

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for all the managers on the forum

more importantly, the national average for a full time worker is £30k now, no one told the north east that, £30k is senior management wages, certainly not average.

EDIT: "The results of the 2006 ASHE show that median weekly pay for full-time employees in the UK grew by 3.7 per cent in April 2006 to reach £447."

that means £447*52= just over £23k.

hang on, that was in 2006, can it really have grown so quickly?! i need a 5k pay rise!!
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Are those the type of people that have little winkies and drive big bmw's?.

I agree grossly overpaid in the most part.

And I concur for some reason everything in the north east remotly technical, managerial are paid at least 30% less than people in the midlands or other parts of the country and its just taking the ****. Especially as its not that cheaper to live in the north east as it used to be.
dont forget about the huge contribution the exec's make, they have to make uninformed decisions about things they do not understand, and then they have to decide unrealistic dealines, all while playing a round of golf or sitting in a strip club. they need to attend 6 meetings a year, and 4 video conferences, its a really hard job you know. poor guys, i'm surprised they have time to go on holiday 14 times a year.
"RM's manager informs me im overpaid and underworked"

Well thats saying he works for Royal Mail unless it's a joke ? o_O and being as how I DO work for Royal Mail (No strikes btw now guys bet this deal we got offered will be accepted when we vote for it... as I'm a Operational Postal Grade (OPG) for RM Mail Centre in Notts :p
i dont(didnt) mind the early starts.
if im starting early i would rather have my 5am start over a variable 5.40/6.40am as i have now(with further changes possible)
i have timed service buttons on my delivery so im gonna be totally out of sync with these. 1st day out tomorrow under those times and im ready for a good rumble with the scum :D