Technical Floppy gearstick!!

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Technical Floppy gearstick!!

Mar 19, 2007
On the way home from work, just pulling into on coming traffic and accelerated hard in 1st then changed up to 2nd and there was no drive and a floppy gearstick. :eek:

Just managed to pull onto the thankfully very wide pavement.
Called the AA and local dealership telling them we were on our way!

Whilst waiting for Mr AA, had a poke around under the bonnet, thinking I wouldn't see too much but after a quick fiddle found the gear selector rod had popped off the selector at the gearbox end. Snapped it back on and hey presto, full gears again!!:D

Has anybody else had this happen to them?
You're lucky...

I had it happen but the cam belt slipped teeth and ****ed up my engine indefinately.

They reseated it, corrected the skipped teeth but it's never been right since. But meh. :bang:

Only consilation is - my Gearstick is hard as. :slayer: