Resolved Fiat Bravo T-jet 150 sport.

Here is my wifes lovely Fiat Bravo T-Jet 150 Sport, due to Christmas and the New Year, she hadn’t used the car for about 3 weeks. Many of us know the best way to keep a FIAT in fettle, is just to use it.


In the second day of January 2023, I went out to the car, the darned thing wouldn’t start, the battery flattened quite quickly, so I had to recharge the battery, the battery was a recent swap out, so I knew the battery was good.

Now with a charged battery the FIAT which reliably started just refused to start, at this point, I guessed the car was not providing fuel the engine. When I tolded my wife she said before Christmas the car often had problems starting.

Now for the technical bit.​

The Symptom’s​

  • Car has difficulty starting.
  • The engine turns on a good battery, but just refuses to start.
  • It can be accompanied with an “asr connection fault”.
The ECU may throw up all sorts of other Errors.

What could it be ? investigation.​

The first thing is fully charge the Battery, you need the juice.


The most fragile part of the Fuel circuit is always electrical, therefore fuses & relays are often the easiest/cheapest to find and fix, apart from the ECU and connectors. So start here first. There are many references to fuse locations for this fiat online.

The most expensive parts are often mechanical, so follow the cheapest as a rule of thumb.

How I fixed mine.

Remove the fuse box cover located just above the battery, exposing the Fuses and relays..


Find and test the Fuel Pump relay. On this Fiat Bravo it is R10 (relay 10), on the image it is the square Black relay on the bank of 4 nearest the battery, in between the 2 red ones.


Use crocodile pliers to remove the R10 relay.


Now to bypass the relay. Find a bit of solid core cable and expose the wire both ends. On the base of the relay you will see pins 87 & 30. This is the live 12v feed to the pump and pressures the fuel system. These will need to be connected together (shorted) on the fuse box.


Insert your wire into the slots pin 87 & 30 (sorry image is a funny angle), DO NOT INSERT INTO THE VERTICLE SLOTS, use the horizontal slots I have marked on the image. WARNING even with the ignition off you will hear a noise from engine, this is the fuel pressuring up ready to start, THIS IS A GOOD SIGN, so fear not.


Now start the engine, in my case the engine started first time, this is a clear indication I had a problem with my fuel pump relay.

The relay is no longer being manufactured, however the relay is an OMRON 12V 20A B047 E, I bought couple from Ebay at £3.95. Link may still work Fiat Alfa Lancia Punto (90-10) 4-Pin Black Relay 46520411 232006 12V 20A B047E

If you still have problems, then it may be the Fuel Pump & sender unit, situated under the rear seat, you will need a special tool to remove this. fingers crossed it is not the ECU or the ECU connectors. The FIAT Bravo II Nuovo 198 is an excellent car, and worth keeping on the road. So iam pleased with the outcome..

Thanks Ask all the best.