Technical Fitting PUNTO GT WHEELS to BRAVA

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Technical Fitting PUNTO GT WHEELS to BRAVA


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Dec 27, 2012
Hi guys, i haven't been around the forum for some time but now i'm coming with a little bit of a problem, i'm about to buy some wheels and i don't know if the will fit my brava.

The owner of the wheels is out of the country and they are 50 km from me, i don't wanna go there and find out they don't fit, all i've found is they are for PUNTO GT, so they are PUNTO GT ALLOYS, will they fit my 1.4 brava ?


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ask the seller what is stamped into the wheels (not the tyre) I can make it out in the picture near the wheel edge but its too small to read. the numbers will give the width the offset and the PCD (Pitch circle diameter) of the hole layout.
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The pcd is 4x98, they are fiat punto wheels, i don't know the offset, and the seller isn't around the wheels so he can't tell me that, i was guessing you guys know what is the offset for this specific model of wheel GT wheels...
I think Punto (and 500...) wheels have a slightly smaller offset (35 ?) so they stick OUT a tiny but more, but not much.

My later Brava wheels are 38 offset but earlier ones are 43 I think.

So no problems I think, and they should look quite good (but an unusual combination).