Technical Fiat Brava 1.6 16v 2000

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Technical Fiat Brava 1.6 16v 2000

Axel Cola

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Oct 13, 2023
I have several problems. Maybe someone can help me with any of these:
  • Dashboard lights: None of the lights turn on except for the battery, headlights, injectors, and keycode lights. The needles work, but I can't see them at night because the dashboard is not illuminated.
  • Electric fan: It works; I installed a switch to turn it on manually, and if I disconnect the temperature sensor, it also turns on for safety. But if I leave everything as it is originally, it never turns on.
  • IAC valve: Despite installing a new IAC valve, the engine always runs at a high speed, at 2000rpm at idle. It's not the cables or the valve since it's new.

Tengo varios problemas. Quizás alguien pueda ayudarme con alguno de estos:

  • Luces del tablero: Ninguna luz se enciende, excepto las de la batería, faros, inyectores y el código de seguridad. Las agujas funcionan, pero no puedo verlas por la noche porque el tablero no tiene iluminación.
  • Electroventilador: Funciona; le instalé un interruptor para encenderlo manualmente y si desconecto el sensor de temperatura, también se enciende por seguridad. Pero si lo dejo todo como está originalmente, nunca se enciende.
  • Válvula IAC: A pesar de instalar una válvula IAC nueva, el motor siempre funciona acelerado, a 2000 rpm en ralentí. No son los cables ni la válvula, ya que es nueva.
Dash lights could just be blown bulbs in the instrument cluster, have you checked them?
Not sure about the electric fan, possibly the temperature sensor is faulty and not sending the signal to power on the fan.
Idling at 2000rpm is probably a vacuum leak, check all hoses into the intake manifold for splits/tears. Spray something flammable (aerosol) on and around the intake manifold with the engine running, the revs will rise if its getting drawn in through a split hose
The last thing I did to make the car more stable was disconnect the IAC valve, so I keep the revs around 1000, but this comes with many issues and is not a safe fix. But at least I rule out a leak; I also ruled out the temperature valve, I replaced it recently. I don't know what other options there are.
The IAC valve is also new; it works perfectly when tested in isolation.