FIATChat Messenger!

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FIATChat Messenger!

Yes, now theres an easier way to log onto the FIATChat servers, download the new messenger client. Allowing you to see all forums at once, have a little task icon, set buddies (if you register your name) send smiley messages, private chats, file sending (i need to enable it first... will do soon) and auto run on startup.

Get it from:

Then set it all up and on the first time it loads, set the following:

Port: 6667
Real Name: Your Name
Email: Your Email Address
Nic Name: Name you want to see known as
Alternative: In Case someone has that, a different one
Password: Your password (IF you have registered your name)

Then connect in, press the 'Channels' Tab on the main window and join us in #General.

Registering Your Name:
If you want to register your name so no one else can use it, go to the menu (right click the head icon) and go Register Nickname. It will now ask for a password... yada yada.

NOTE: If you register your name, you will not be able to use the web based chat room anymore (with that name, obviously you can if you choose a different one) as there is as yet no way to send the password when you connect.

Anyways, see what you all think... i think its gonna be big :)


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