Technical Fiat Marea Gear Selection problems

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Technical Fiat Marea Gear Selection problems


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Sep 5, 2007
Help? Anyone!

Hope someone knows something.

My fiat is having gear selection problems. First of all it began getting stiffer and stiffer to select the gear, eventually culminating in not being able to get 1st at all. Ended up calling AA who forced it in and then it loosened. and seemed fine again.
But then it happened intermittently again. Completely random when it happens.
Took it in and had brake fluid changed and bled the system. Seemed to be better (but I was still suspicious!).
Today had another problem with it, not being able to get Any gear, tried pumping clutch. AA man came again, eventually forced the gear in. Got it home.
He's suggesting master cylinder may be problem. Mechanic guy came and changed a spring that he discovered just hanging loose at the base of the clutch pedal, but that seems not to have fixed it, so he's going for further advice..
And I thought while I waited that I would too!