Technical Fiat Coupe 20VT engine swaaaaaying!!!!

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Technical Fiat Coupe 20VT engine swaaaaaying!!!!


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Jun 8, 2007
Quick bit of advice or giuidance needed from fellow owners/ ex-owners.
Took my 20VT into garage today to fix a worn bush on what was described to me as a 'Top engine torque bar'. Apparently this was the cause of a 'knocking' under hard acceleration. ( Not that I have a habit of nailing my car but now and then you have to make sure the performance is still there? ). The 'knock' appears all the way through 1st and to about 3,000rpm in 2nd, and is simply the fact the engine is swaying and hitting the subframe under ( I like this bit...... the G-Force caused by rapid acceleration )!
However the the local Fiat Main Dealer says this part is not servicable on UK models????? Anyone else ever had this problem???:confused: If it helps the official Fiat part no. is 46478050 and is described as a rod in the parts manual.
That's the part no. given to me by Mr Fiat man, he is pretty certain the car is an import, though I had car thoroughly checked out before I bought it, nearly 12mnths ago, nothing came back about it being an import. Suppose though it could well be a possibility???
check V5, it will say if it was improted, it could have been imported before it was registered, but that still appears on the V5 as imported when new.