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Technical Fiat Brava 80 Clutch Advice


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Jan 5, 2006

I have a problem with the clutch on my S reg Fiat Brava 80. I've read the other threads on this subject, but I'm still confused, and I was hoping someone could help me out! (Please forgive me if I ask some stupid questions - I'm not good with cars)

Every now and then the clutch pedal would stay down, and I would have to flick it back up, then it would be ok.

The brake-fluid warning light would come on intermittantly, but go off when I filled the brake reservoir.

The other day the clutch pedal went all loose, and the car was stuck in neutral, so I had to tow it home.

I guess the Brava has a hydrolic clutch - if so, where is the reservoir, or does it use the brake-fluid reservoir?

If its a hydrolic clutch, does it also have a cable?

Where should I start?

Many thanks in advance, Rob.
You have a hydraulic operated clutch. The fact you're losing fluid and the pedal is sticking, not disconnecting the engine so you can obtain gears means your slave cylinder is gone i.e. the seals have worn/ perished.

The clutch and brake system share the same hydaulic reservoir.

It's quite an easy job to change the slave cylinder if you're mechanically minded (somehow i guess you might not be:) ) If not then a new slave cylinder costs around £30 from Fiat and should only take 30mins to fit so would be quite a cheap job to fix
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The clutch is hydraullic and shares the same reservoir as the brakes.
It seems that you may have a leak, possibly from the clutch slave as this is a common thing to happen.

I would see if the slave cylinder has a leak or has fluid/slime on it - it is on top of the gearbox under the battery/battery tray.
Many thanks for the advice, I'll have a look at the week-end, and get some prices for the bits.