Fiat 500 sounds like a diesel all of a sudden.

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Fiat 500 sounds like a diesel all of a sudden.


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Apr 20, 2020
Car recently started to struggle turning. I would crank the car say 5 times in one day. And once out of those 5 would struggle. After this has happened 5 or so times my car has sounded rougher.

I recently had the starter and Alt replaced. Could it be those?
Previous shop I took it to cranked the **** out of the car till both the Alt and starter went. Next shop I took it to realised both were fried (started would just "click click click") I got everything replaced and the car ran great again.

I'd also changed the battery because the starter went and my Alt was seriously seized.i got all that sorted and taken care of. As of right now, no diagnosis it's just super rough sounding. I am going to call a shop tonight and get this on a roll asap and will report back what was the cause or happened as well.

I just don't want to get taken advantage of (it's this, we can check that or its those). I've ruled out its likely my plugs but I will check my exhaust as well as what you mentioned!