Technical Fiat 500 2010 POP - Interior light not coming on when unlocked

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Technical Fiat 500 2010 POP - Interior light not coming on when unlocked

Jan 20, 2024
Hi all, wonder if you can help me figure this one out... the door open light on the speedo comes on for both doors, the interior light works when pushed to the left but doesn't light up in the middle position or the right hand position.
It should gradually light up when I unlock the car via the remote key but doesn't do anything.
The light works fine but not when the doors are opened ?
Any ideas ?
Is this something that can be set with Multiecuscan ?
My initial thought is that the circuit to fade in and out has a component failure most probably a bad resistor or capacitor.
The resistor makes the light fade in and the capacitor fades out the light.
I'm only guessing however the light itself doesn't have a curcuit board within it, not that I can see anyway.
Have you tried the courtesy light switch as you can turn the on permanently, on to come on with door opening/unlock or, off
My dogs are forever nudging the switches with their heads and, in the Jeep, opening the overhead sun/glasses compartment!
thanks for the reply, yes tried that it does work fine when manually turned on but doesn't when set to come on with the doors opening which is the middle setting.
However I've just fixed the issue .... it was the light unit itself.
I also have a MkIII Panda which uses the same light so I swapped them round and it's now working fine so for some reason the light unit is the issue.
Although I can't see why as there is no circuit board just a 3 way switch ?
I suspect door lock microswitches may be behind this. It may clean up if it is the problem butnonce a micro switch misbehaves its often a recurring one. .. The lock sends a signal so the light will turn on. If the wiring is not the issue then the door lock its self is a prime suspect, Ideally check each wire attached to the door lock and see if there is continuity. You can usually work out what the wires do and then check things fairly easily.
thanks guys appreciate the replies .... turns out it's actually the 3 way switch in the light unit ... I tried contact cleaner and wd40 ... no luck so far ... will try a scotch-brite tomorrow.