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New Feature Featured Threads

If any of you browse the site via the homepage, you will now see that the Latest FIAT News widget has been replaced with a new Featured Threads one.


I thought this would be a nice place to show off some of the more interesting threads on the forum which might otherwise be overlooked :)

It's not automatic, but rather the moderators can flag a thread as "featured" if they think it's worthy of it - with a maximum of 8 being in rotation at once.

If you want to see all the threads that made the cut, then you can from the new Featured threads overview page.

Hopefully over time we can build up a nice little library to show of the "best of the forum" kinda thing (y)

To kick it off I've put in a few samples (including the now 250+ reply Ducato fault thread one which I find fascinating!) - but if there are any specific ones we can put there, you can use the post report function and we'll get them added :)