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Nov 6, 2005
Tamworth, West Midlands
I saw this video clip about a track test of a Bravo 155 HGT. It showed the interior and the bravo and the Fascia was a different colour to what i have seen in all other brava/o's it was sort of a dull silver. I want to do that to mine. ive deicded that instead of searching for one and then shelling out the cash for it, i would rather just spray what i already have. Any ideas on what colour pain to use?
not too sure what the best one would be, as im not too sure what it looks like, my suggestion would be to go somewhere like halfords (it only has to be a quick visit honest...) and see what they have in thier paint selection.... look at the diff colours and see what takes your fancy
I'm going for Grigio steel as it will use up the two cans of the stuff I still have sitting in my kitchen from when I colour coded :eek: Am planning on buying bits of dash from a scrapyard and replacing them, can't afford to have my car off the road for the length of time it would take to do.
I thought it would only take the car off the road for a day or two wouldnt it? Take the fascia off, spray it, let it dry then pop it back on. Rite?

.....or are you a perfectionist? :p
the car shouldn't be off road at all, you can drive wihtout bits of the dash. my previous car was an escort and i colour coded A LOT of the interior. it took me about 10 different colours until i found one i liked. i think it was called BMW steel blue, but it looks like dark metallic grey. by the time i found a colour i liked i had way too many layers of paint and the damn paint started to run and blister. i got new bits from a scrappy and started again, i had some high temperature engine spraypaint sat in my garage so i thought i'd give it a go. it was perfect, that engine paint is twice as hard as normal paint, it doesn't scratch, or peel or crack in the sun, and it covered easily with no runs. the only problem is the choice of colours with engine paint, i think there was black grey yellow red blue, but no nice metallics or pearl paint. still if you want a basic colour i'd recommend high temp engine spraypaint, you do it once and it last a long time.
Thanks for the tip :)

Ive found a picture of what im on about, its not very good though....
Helz said:
Also gives me a spare set for when I cock up ;)

even if you cock up you can use paint stripper to start again. i have been looking around for the whole dash board becuase i wanted to spray mine black and blue to go with the car but i am having trouble finding the dash board for the bravo 1.8 hlx :(