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Sep 28, 2007
Just putting the plans for our summer holiday together... gonna do a bit of a european tour down the west cost of france across the bottom and up through Switzerland and Germany... Looking forward to the autobahn as i've heard the JTD tops out at 130mph+

Wondering what serious adventures other forum members have done, any problems they encountered and any things to look out for to make sure the car is up to the job!

The JTD serioulsy does do 130 cough cough mph (y), well nearly. i was running out of room.

Should be fun for you. Would like to know what your average MPG is at that speed, would be a good thing to know.
Sounds like an epic trip I cant wait to take my Stilo abroad. The roads up in Switzerland and certainly just into Germany are very nice! (y) When you get back youll have to post some pics of the Stilo in various scenic spots!
Please get AA euro cover ;)
Remember it is a Stilo! LOL
If your gonna be doing 130mph you put a big strain on the engine, Gbox...
Speedo indicated 125 - 130 mph is possible with a JTD but Tom Tom reckons its only 120. Speedo on mine tends to under read 3 mph at 40 and over read 7-10 mph round the other side of the clock. thus speedo 40 = TT 37 speedo 130 = TT 120 mph :confused:
Take the Stilo "home" to Italy and drive it in a big city! :eek:
I've seen 140 but never had a chance to check what the GPS was reading (otherwise occupied having just noticed a police van in the distance :eek:)

I certainly wouldn't recommend maintaining anything like those speeds though as even a JTD will drink fuel at an alarming rate (better to enjoy the scenery :))
100mph in the Stilo should be fast enough. Not labouring the engine to much, and should average at least 25-30mpg then :confused:. Should be a lot better then the 20mpg that my Micra used to display at them speeds.
Did France, Southern Germany then Paris last May. Didn't go above 95 and still average something like 54 - 55 mpg over the whole fortnight. Stilo MW is best on the Autobahns where its softer suspension soaks up the miles.