Right you will need...
  • Car with badges on
  • Credit card or thin card of the same propotions.
  • Warm water with a small amout of soap in
  • Also a hairdryer can be used but not essencial
  • Tcut and cloths
  1. If using the hairdryer gently heat over the badge.
  2. With the credit card push it behind the badge and press into the adhesive
  3. Continue doing this in a circular motion around the badge.
  4. Eventually the badge should come off easily.
  5. Soak the area with the water/soap mix and gently with the card ease as much of the adhesive off.
  6. Once most of the adhesive is off use the Tcut to treat any faded paint and it will also remove the rest of the adhesive with a little elbow grease.
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