Hello all and welcome to my guide.

What you'll need:
- Bug and Tar Remover or Tar and Glue Remover.
- Hair Dryer.
- Fishing Wire or equivalent.
- A soft cloth, preferable a micro fibre.
- Hard graft!

Step 1:
Firstly, you want to start by heating up your badge. I did this with a hair dryer, but I've also seen people use a bucket of boiling water.
Keep the hair dryer close, but also keep the hair dryer moving. You don't want to heat up your paintwork and cause damage! Once you can lift the badge slightly with your fingernail, its time to move onto step 2.

Step 2:
Next you want to cut a length of fishing wire that is easy to hold in your hands. While the badge is still warm, slip the fishing wire behind the badge and use a kind of see-saw motion. Repeat this the whole way along the badge, heating with a hair dryer if needed, until the badge is removed. (It is useful to have a second pair of hands to help you, I had my girlfriend helping me!)

Step 3:
You will be left with a pretty horrible mark (mine was a lovely Active Sport shape!). This is when you need to use the Bug and Tar remover. I brought this from Halfords for only a fiver, and it worked brilliantly. Just follow the instructions on the back, spray 15-18cm away from surface and leave for 1 minute before removal. Once you have left it for a minute to soak in, start scratching at the residue with your nail. I found this was made a lot easier when wrapping your finger in the micro fibre cloth. You may need to spray more remover onto the surface if it starts to dry out again. The hairdryer can be used at this point too.

Step 4:
This is the easy part. Once all of the residue is off, polish the area with a clean part of your micro fibre cloth. If you have a difference in paint colour (which luckily I didn't) then just use a bit of T-Cut to bring it all together. NOTE: I was told by someone else on the forum to wax/ polish the area, and make sure to remove all the run and excess Bug and Tar remover as it can effect paintwork.

Then its done! Your Punto is looking smoother already!

PLEASE NOTE: Neither I or the Fiat Forum are responsible for any injury or damage to vehicles.

Hope this helps!

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