The push button boot release badge can (most commonly) fall apart (after getting condensation in it), or stop working, or as in my case, both.
Quick to change over and takes years off the cars age!
Also you don't have to wait till it goes bandit, obviously same process as fitting the Abarth Badge!

What you need
1: A new push button boot release badge
2: A 10ml socket, socket wrench and extension bar
3: An Allen key set
4: Wet and dry rags
5: Patience

First off, open the boot, which in my case had to be with the remote fob!

Then remove the black plastic panel that covers your boot gubbins. This is done using the Allen key bolts located in the boot handles. Keep the bolts safe. Once the bolts are out pull down slightly on the handles and the panel will drop. Pull the panel away from the boot popping each plastic fastener. It may sound like you're breaking it but you're not.

Once the plastic panel is off, locate the back side of the badge and locate the wire coming from the switch. Follow this till the first connector, probably wrapped in sponge. Unplug the connector.

Where the badge comes through the boot skin it is held on with two 10ml nuts. Remove these nuts with the socket and wrench, you'll need an extender to get to them. Can be done with a 10ml spanner and little hands with more patience. Once the nuts are removed keep them safe as the new badge doesn't come with them. Pull the old badge off the boot. Might need a wiggle and a push from inside.

You'll notice where the badge was is filthy, give it a clean and dry with your rags.

Get new badge button out of its box and before pushing through the boot just connect the wiring up and test it whilst the boot is open. if the car is unlocked whilst you do this you will hear the release activate and you know the button works.

Fitting is the same as removal. Once the button is tested, disconnect, push through the boot skin, it can only fit one way round, and connect the wiring again.

Then refit the 10ml nuts and do them up with the socket (or spanner and small hands). once fitted give the boot a test by closing it and opening it.

If everything's fine, refit the black plastic bootlid cover. This is where you need a bit of patience. Before trying to refit, make sure all the black plastic lugs are where they should be on the cover and not stuck in the White receiver in the bootlid or you'll have a rattle and I'll fitting panel. Everything should clip in ok, but letting go it will end up dropping off under its own weight. Refit the Allen key bolts and tighten up, give a good press near the location of the plastic lugs (suggest pressing up from inside as you are pressing down as if to close the boot) and make sure everything is in place and rattle free.

Job done!