Technical Exhaust diameter

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Technical Exhaust diameter

Oldschool said:
Tom, tou think of performance exhaust on the 1108.

ID on the collector pipe of the standard Sporting should be 43mm.

2" = 50,8mm.;)

Possibly...but IIRC its an over estimation of the OD of the standard pipe!:eek:
Noo, its not 50.8. Thats the OD that Rolls Royce Silver Phantoms use.
IIRC its Centos use 32mm OD..
On the Cento I only looked at the systems from the fannymould back. ie. the tubular (instead of cast) part of the system was od 32mm, if that figure is the correct one. I know it was definately less than 48mm cos that was the smallest mandrel tooling i had access to at my old job.