Exceptionally good customer service!

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Exceptionally good customer service!


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Sep 12, 2007
Hi all –
I’m new to this forum, and my main reason for wanting to join it was to tell you all about the amazingly good customer service I’ve recently experienced from Fiat…it’s a bit of a long story, so bear with me while I try to ‘cut a long story short’

I have a 5 month-old Grande Punto 1.3 multijet, which I’ve owned from new and have been generally very pleased with indeed. It’s beautiful to look at, fun to drive and brilliantly economical. I do a lot of driving, so it’s important to me to have a decent car. Last week though my GP let me down…:(

The clutch went whilst I was in the ‘fast lane’ in a traffic jam on the M25/M1 interchange. As I’m sure you can all imagine I wasn’t exactly a happy camper. I called out the AA (through the Fiat AA Assurance warranty thing), who arrived fairly quickly and helped my partner and I off the motorway and towed us to the nearest Fiat dealership (Hemel Hempstead) to see if the problem could be fixed quickly.

At the garage, the AA bloke effectively abandoned us, without waiting to see if the car would be fixed within a ‘reasonable time.’ As it turned out, the technician at the dealership figured out that the slave cylinder had gone, and they wouldn’t be able to fix it for a few days as they didn’t have the parts in stock. The AA then refused to tow my car to my local dealership and I had to fight tooth and nail with them to get a hire car for 48hours (under the terms of the AA Assurance cover, the car should have been towed to any location in the UK of my choosing, and I should have been given the hire car). :bang:

Anyway – I’m supposed to be cutting the long story short, aren’t I? Everyone at the dealership in Hemel Hempstead was exceptionally helpful, calling the AA for me etc. The next morning (from home, about 90 miles away from Hemel Hempstead) I called Fiat UK customer relations to complain about the service that I’d had from the AA and to find out how best to get my car back to me, fixed and with the least amount of hassle possible. They were fantastic. They arranged for the car to be towed to my local fiat dealership (in Nuneaton), who were brilliant, friendly, efficient and thorough with their repairs. Fiat UK promised to reimburse me my out of pocket expenses on the hire car, and to generally make life as easy as possible for me. I was kept well informed of what was going on, and everyone was very polite and apologetic.

Yesterday I picked up my (fixed) grande punto (boy was I glad to get it back after having a Peugeot 307 for a few days!), and this morning I received a phone call from Fiat in Italy apologising for the inconvenience caused to me!:D

Now, my point in posting this is that all too often it is the ‘bad things’ that get publicised and good work from companies often goes unmentioned and unnoted. Yes, there was a problem with my clutch, yes it was irritating, but the service I’ve received from Fiat far outweighs the inconvenience of a small, faulty part. So, whilst I would give the AA a massive thumbs down (and I’ll certainly never be paying for breakdown assistance from them!) I think that Fiat UK need a massive pat on the back for their exceptional customer service.

Thank you Fiat, and well done!
Iirc there's a thread in the GP section that people rate their dealer - should add your experience in there so us GPers can maybe start to regain some faith in Fiat :)
The customer care I received from research garage dissapointed me, unfortunately for them I chose to go elsewhere when purchasing my 2nd 100hp after my accident :p
this morning I received a phone call from Fiat in Italy apologising for the inconvenience caused to me!:D

fiat italy would never contact a uk customer, or even a uk dealership, all communication has to go through fiat uk.

10/10 for trying, its always fun to see some originality going into spam, but
i call Bull$hit

the wierd thing is, who would want to pay compliment to fiat italy, fiat uk, anthony betts fiat in hemel hempstead and research garage fiat in nuneaton? it just doesnt make sense even if they worked for fiat.
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Fiat UK have never really helped me, all I got was 'we'll open a case' and nothing more.
I would pay compliments to the garage where I'm picking my new 100hp up from though, they've kept the car for me for 5 weeks so far (accident claim delays)......and thats norris bros. in tamworth ;)
Hi Rosie I know your a new member and I don't want to offend but I'm with Jug theres just something BS about your whole post.
Is this not maybe that bob guy (i think his name was bob) from one of the stoneacre branches trying to make himself look good?:rolleyes:
or maybe rosie is so pleased with the service because she is the most easily pleased woman on earth, in which case she's definately marriage material.
btw. Who on this side of the planet actually calls a junction an "interchange" :p

where two motorways join, i would call that an interchange. like traffic bad spot round here is the m55/m6 join - and it is refered to on local radio as the Broughton Interchange.
"At the garage, the AA bloke effectively abandoned us"

We had the opposite....

Wifes MK2 1.9D Punto lost a gearbox mounting bolt, the AA Tech came out crawled under the car and swapped one of the remaining bolts then followed her 7 miles or so,to the Fiat main dealer we bought it from new. They would not fit a new bolt even though they had one in stock and it was a few minutes work. Said "Book it in" even though they knew my wife urgently had people unable to care for themselves, depending on her as she`s a community worker.
The AA Tech, on hearing this, went to the parts dept, got the bolt and fitted it himself at the side of the road outside the dealership.......
This was the cheapest ` roadside` cover too, bought after warranty.
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fiat uk dont exist no more its fiat group automobiles UK limited, so if some one from them phoned the op, and only said half of the name be easy to think it was italy also
I too have bene abandoned by the FIAT AA when they 'escorted' me to my local dealership when the car went into limp home mode, I was waiting for him to arrange a courtisy car, but because I managed to drive there I was not entitled to one - rubbish AA service.
Seen this alot myself,AA dumps car at garage and tells customer to get courtesy car from garage when infact it should be them thats arranging it! Time this is explained to customer AA guy is offski.