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Technical engine warning light

john ram

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Sep 20, 2007
Hi, I had a dying exhaust on my 2001 brava and carried on driving it while waiting for new exhaust to arrive. Any way, old exhaust must have known time was up and finally went. as it did it left me with a suddenly empty fuel tank and a warning light with an engine sign. i have now fitted the new exhaust, and car sounds and ticks over fine, but warning light remains. does anyone know if changing lambda sensor will fix? will car be ok to drive regardless of warning light?
the warning light means the ecu has detected a fault. if you get a diagnostic done on the ecu it will give you fault code(s) which are the best clue for finding the fault. replacing sensors in the hope it will fix the fault can be an expensive way to go about it. if there is no noticable loss of performance or running problem then it is safe to drive, and in that case it does suggest the lambda is a likely culprit, but i would not buy and fit a brand new lambda purely on that possibility. maybe try a scrapyard lambda, they are easy to DIY fit and a scrapyard lambda should cost no more than £10.