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Technical Engine not taking gas


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Jan 20, 2006
engine not taking gas?

Fiat uno 1.1 s.i.e. (FIRE engine) build 1992
1st of all i'm dutch and no mechanic, but i do have a fiat uno with a lot of trouble.
the car does not take it's gas (or so it seems)
the car is used for long distances (300 km and 300 return)
it started with the fact that top speed was decreasing and the car accelerated slower, many months later the top speed reduced again but now during the trip.
in the end the car did not accelerate but started to de-accelerate with full trottle. in neutral gear the engine finailly sprung to live. i could drive home. but as soons as i stopped accellarating, the car would de-accelarate (even in full trottle). the last few km (in city ) the car jumped, either not responding to my accelarator, or jumping to full.
after the engine had some time to relax and cool down. it was very hard to start. it makes funny plopping / poofing noices. (i'm dutch, hard to translate a sound)
as soon as the engine does take the gas, it runs normally. But sooner or later the engine will stop. (in a minute)
What can be wrong, in the past year these parts where renewed sparkplugs have been renewed, all filters have been renewed, new battery, new alternator, new starter engine, plenty of oil, long distances driven.
Re: engine not taking gas?

well it sounds as it is defenitly tour fuel pump or carburettor,get a new carb kit and fit it. my car had the same problems and turned out to be the fuel pump. check your fuel filter and piping for blockages aswell.
Re: engine not taking gas?

European 1.1 FIRE, 1992, is definitely equipped with Mono-Jetronic SPI.
Unfortunately, me and my brother-in-law tried to cure this set of symptoms on identical car with no success.
We have changed all filters, spark plugs, measured the temperture sensors, oxygen sensor, basically everything we could think of. No luck.
Current theory is stepper motor, but he got annoyed and left his Uno as-is, claiming it was not worth the effort, and bought Pgt... while I am happy with my carburettor 45, avoiding SPI for a few more years to come like a plague.
Not too helpful, I am afraid (n).
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Re: engine not taking gas?

The UK had both M@nticore. The give away in this case is in the name - 1.1S i.e. The 'i.e' stands for 'injection electronic' (spelt in Italian, but I forget the exact spelling)!

I'm still running a carburetored Uno, and one of the best things about it is the way most fuel problems can be solved with a quick strip down and carb rebuild (y)
Re: engine not taking gas?

Thanks for your replies so far... yet I would like to know if its correct that the fuelpump can be heard (softly whizzing) when you make contact (just before starting the engine). and if this is so... does it mean that the fuel pump still works?
Remember the problem? ... well i managed to fix it.
It turned out that my harness was not functioning properly, when a friend started the engine i could see tiny sparks which originated halfway the 4 rubber wires connected to my sparkplugs. :confused: i also found oil in the air filter (in the compartment which should contain filtered air). I removed all the oil, and cleaned the "FIRE" thing of the engine (dunno the name; me Dutch and 2x left-handed). After this i could start the engine and left it running without the air filter.
After reassembling the car, I took it for a spin. The engine seems to run more smoothly as the excess oil is being consumed. The car actually accelerates & drives quite fast now. (for a 1.1 uno :) ) I do hope it will last!!
Perhaps this story is of help to any of you, if not, well it's a funny story anyway :)

I would like to know HOW the oil got into the filter and how to avoid it, it was not overfilled.
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Engine not taking fuel

Thread Merged :).

Sorry Ryan, I must have missed this one :eek: Our other Ryan (bulldog5046) had a short circuit on his sparkplug lead too. Small world :D. Welcome to Fiat Forum (y). You’re English is far better than my Dutch ;)

My 1.0 IE also makes short soft whizzing noise when I first turn the key. This noise seems to come from the front of My Uno, but the electric fuel pump is in the tank. Any way, it’s an OK sound :).

brether tube.jpg

Oil in the air filter box (#1 above) occurs when oil comes up through the breather pipe (#2 above). It can be caused by lots of short journeys, where the oil doesn’t get chance to warm up fully, letting condensation build up in the oil, or coolant mixing with oil (maybe a head gasket problem).

When did you last change the Oil?

Might be a good time to check the breather pipe isn’t blocked. Take it off, push the flame trap out (wire mesh thingy in tube) and give it a clean.
It must go back.

Have you fitted a new Air filter yet? Won’t be so fast for long without one ;). It’s there to stop dust and grit getting into the top end of the engine.

Another thing to have a look at is cleaning inside the throttle body.

Good Luck :).