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Jun 18, 2014
Hi everyone. Just thought I'd introduce myself, have been a member, moderator and owner of numerous forums over the years but have just purchased my ever Fiat so thought I'd sign up here and say Hi ?

I've just purchased a Stilo 2.4 20V Abarth in the bright blue colour pretty cheap from my local garage. Has been sat for a while but runs really well and only has 59,000 on the clock
Needs a bit of work to get it up to scratch but will be a nice little project as it seems great fun to drive!
Hello Neonath.

Ive just bought myself a Stilo this week to, so both Newbs.

I'll be getting some before and afters up this weekend, after a wheel change and clean.

Hope to see some pics frrom you in the future.

All the best.
Lee H
Thanks for the welcome :)

Unfortunately I won't be on the road in the Stilo until the 1st July due to taxing the car and other minor issues like MOT! ? But as soon as it's all done I'll be out and about for sure.

Look forward to seeing your pics Lee, I will definitely get some pics up of mine once I've got it on the road ?
Quick update on my Stilo Abarth.
Just had a tonne of work done since first posting and it's just sailed through MOT with no advisories which is a good sign hopefully!
Still needs a few bits and bobs and some really bad paint lacquer sorting out but will do that when I get a bit more money.

Quick question, does anybody know if it's possible to download and burn a cd for the navigation or do I need an original one?
I can't find one anywhere in the car so assuming it's missing.
Thanks gadge for that :) will be ordering one from him soon.

Does anybody know where I can find a guide for installing a new sunroof blind?
Mine doesn't actually have the blind but the mechanism is working okay and have sourced a 2nd hand blind for £15.
Just wondered how easy it'll be to fit. Have trawled through all the sunroof posts but can't find a guide of some sort concerning the blind?

Thanks again to anyone that can help