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Aug 7, 2020
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Question: Fiat 500 2008 automatic:

transmission light keeps coming on, seen by local mechanic, replaced pipe (?)
topped up fluids....no change.....says it could be an expensive job, changing multiple seals!!!!

rear parking sensor light on, i have changed each intermittently to find the faulty one, but fault light remains on. do i need to reset a code or something.

Alot i know but...you know when in rome (i wish)........
Hi :)

I see you also posted in Idea section..

Is this just a 500 we are dealing with?

Replacing pipe.. probably means that fluid levels dropped

So yes.. connecting to disgnostics..

Reading.. recording..
Then clearing the fault codes

Whats your history with the car..?

Been well serviced and reliable for a decade??
its the wifes 1.2 duo auto.
been running sweet....not much history.

reversing sensors - am i right in saying i need to put a new one on a reset the code on each one??

any thoughts on the transmission fault code????

i own a 2010 500 abarth ( i case you were asking ):devil: