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Elephant.co.uk insurance


Aug 19, 2004
25 mins away from Oxford
As per title.

Why is it so bloomin cheap???

Got a quote for a Ford Focus RS (2003) for £95 a month.

No other company would touch me on this type of car. (probably being 21 doesn't help!)

Punto is more expensive than this.
fiatpuntosx said:
Elephant.co.uk are a brockers aren't they?
No. They're part of the Admiral Group.
One reason they're cheaper is because they only pay out market value, and they only replace parts with standard parts. So for example if you have a car with a hybrid turbo and a bodykit and it gets stolen, they'll pay out the market value for a car without bodykit or hybrid.
I don't have a car to be insured on *goes off to cry*

But apparently I could get a good deal through "Young Marmalade" anyone know about this?
Bushboy said:
because the're run by a f**king elephant :rolleyes:

They never were the best at maths

You must be carefull talking about elephant like that Bushboy cos ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET :p :D
Cheers for the replies guys, forgot about the post :eek:

Just did another quote for a 147 GTA with parents on as named drivers for £850! :slayer:

That is pretty damn cheap!

Though the excess I have to pay is £500.

Soooo tempting :yum: