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Technical ecu connection point


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Oct 2, 2007
I have had a Stilo Active 1.6 since 2002 and recently have had a problem where a fault message appears saying "engine fault". The fiat dealer has said they can hook it up to their computer for £45 to identify the issue, however I have found an independent garage who will do it for £20, they just can't find the connection point to plug into. Does anyone know please ?
Ha! That's a very good point!:)
But it's pretty dark and it's a black connector so maybe let them off the hook. It's on the top part or side of body computer so open the flap on the right of the steering wheel if you have a rh drive car, look for the panel with all the fuses and it's there but use a torch in this weather

It should always be within within 12in of the steering wheel and shouldn't need any tools to gain access so it shouldn't take too long to find
cheers Deckchair5 I will get the garage on to it later (with a torch!) (y)