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Technical Drivebelt idler pulley

Aug 11, 2004
Has anyone else had problems with the idler pulley on the Tipo accessory drivebelt (alternator belt). I've had endless failures, I need to replace the 5th one now. The story so far....

1 - Car 1995 Tipo 1400 ies, pulley fitted new. :)

2 - January 2001, 49000 miles. Slight squeal on startup, increased mechanical noise from engine (light grinding). Ignore it and keep driving, until bearings drop out at 50 mph and pulley falls off. Replaced by local garage.

3 - January 2003, 63500 miles. 2 years, 14500 miles later. Same squeal and grinding noise, pulley replaced again, all ok.

4 - January 2004, 75200 miles - 1 year, 11700 miles later. Same symptoms, traced to pulley again! Replaced again by garage. :bang:

5 - January 2005, 82700 miles - 1 year, 7500 miles later. The squeal and noise is back again! :cry:

This is ridiculous, what's going on? It's a simple part, simple to replace, why does it keep failing so regularly in January? Surely millions of cars have this component, is it a known Fiat or Tipo problem or is mine cursed? :confused:
Sounds like it is mis-aligned - have you checked that the belt path is straight and that you haven't lost a shim or washer along the way... that would put excessive strain on the bearings and also make the belt noisy...
Get it from a Fiat dealer I'd say.

Did yours fall to bits around the bearing? Silver balls all over the road?

I'm hoping my problem is sorted now after yet another replacement, it seems for some reason the plastic splashguard on the drivers side was missing so I think the bearing was getting sprayed and this gradually wrecked the pulley.

Now fitted with 2nd hand splashguard, fingers crossed.
You talking about this or something else?


cost around £15 if I remember correctly from 3 years ago
I don't mind but I can't Guarantee all the parts are here as a Fiat Specialist and several other garages couldn't get it to fit which is why I still have it here on my desk.

I wouldn't want to sell it to you with bits missing.

I'd seriously just get a tighter belt like what I had done to mine. 3 years and not a problem... less to go wrong now.

Unless an expert wants to let us know what it does.

PS: this one has no plastiv parts, its all metal.