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Technical Door sealing trim


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May 10, 2007
Hi, changing my doors and unlike the haynes manual says - it is virtually impossible to remove the door sealing trim without ripping it.

Before I waste time fitting a new one. What is its purpose? Is it really needed? I can't see any obvious reason why not to fit the interior panel without the sleaing foam/cloth thing.

I need to remove it to transplant my electric windows and locks into the new door.

it stops water getting into the door trim/interiour
if you cut the mastic you can remove can just tape/seal the old one back in
i can't coz the new one is rippped, and the old one was already partially ripped. I asked just to see if i do have to buy one, coz this is the first car door i saw made this way.

I also need to buy those plastic clip things...
Go to any DIY/ Homebase type place and buy some plastic sheeting. It will cost pennies and you can buy it off the roll per meter. Cut to shape and replace your damaged items (y)

The plastic trim clips you can get from Fiat. Don't mess around with old/ damaged items as they'll never 'clip' properly and your trim will flap around and fall off. Replace with new (they cost something like 15 - 20p each) and your trim will stay attached to your door as Fiat intended :)
The perfect advice. I was telling my girlfriend I'll probably use some other form of plastic or like that as was on her skoda. The clips I plan to get on monday now.

Thanks for the advice dude - i like it :)