Technical Doblo 1.9jtd turbo/fuel problem

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Technical Doblo 1.9jtd turbo/fuel problem


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Nov 1, 2007
Hi all, just a quick question for any engine experts on here. My Van has suddenly developed an engine fault. Last week I slightly overloaded it, (for the 1st time). After this it became very sluggish and the turbo would not kick in until the revs were at 2000. I took it to an auto electrician who discovered that the fuel temperature sensor had tripped. He re-set it and the van was back to normal. This week I took it over 100mph. lo and behold the same symptoms have appeared again. Before I take it back to be charged £35 again for the same fault, does anyone know if this is meant to happen so the engine protects itself from bad driving/operating, or am I starting with an expensive problem with the engine.