Technical Desperate Search for urgent clutch cable

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Technical Desperate Search for urgent clutch cable


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Mar 12, 2012
Let me know the length of the cable you need in mm and I will ask the Italian seller...
It may have one like your old one
Do you know Eper no? Or part number?


Mar 13, 2016
Sorry for the delayed response, on bank holiday Monday I drove Demitri over woodhead pass in the snow to Sheffield to see Andy and pick up his cable, which is the same as the one currently fitted to the car (or so it seems) which fits but seems to rub slightly on the top edge. Still a great spare and an improvement on what I had at that stage, the one on the car has done a few hundered miles now without failing so at least if the cable snaps in Russia it'd get me back in to the EU where we have breakdown cover!
Car performed great on the snow, though was a little worried in some very deep flood water on the way back, didn't cause any major issues but the amount of water we were pushing I was worried it might stall and then I'd be in a world of trouble. Also found some cool roads around Wigtwizzle and Bradfield, which looked amazing in the snow.
Regards autodoc/autopartspro/what ever other name they choose to use to hide the fact they are the same bunch of clowns. So I kept watching the tracking no. for the 1-2day delivery item and contacted them again to point out itd not arrived 11 days after ordering, they have now said there was a mis-understanding (I can only assume between whoever does the website and whoever actually handles the parts) and it is on its way. I've been told to refuse to accept the delivery (if it even turns up while I'm in the country). In the meantime the cable I ordered on Ebay (TRW) has turned up, looks spot on, even with the correct size eye on the iron, though strangely the holes for the fixings to the bulkhead were only 4mm wide... I've drilled them out and it seems to be a perfect match for the original from the car! So I now have 2 spare cables and am about as ready to go as I'll ever be(y)