Technical Dashboard instrument panel lighting

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Technical Dashboard instrument panel lighting


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Apr 15, 2013
I have a fiat brava 2001 (y) 1.2 formula and the lighting for the dashboard over the Speedo has gone out..
i used haynes manual and took the unit out checked all the bulbs on rear but all seemed ok..
is there a bulb inside i have missed please as i was loath to take the printed circuit out.. or is there a fuse for both sides of display?

many thanks for all your replies in advance
I just had my dash apart on a Brava 1.6 2000 year model. Mine had no hidden bulbs on the back and no hidden fuse. If one back light works then I think they all should.

What I found with my dash was dry solder joints which took out the rev counter completely. Not sure how the tracks for the backlights are run but check for something similar. I also found dry solder joints on the little switch lights for the windows. Little surface mount resistors before the LEDs were all suffering from this. Might be something similar on the dash.
They are tiny 1,2W bulbs, just change them all while you're there.
They can go bad but visually look OK...!
(And one can go bad, while the others still work...)